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restrictive abortion law will now go in effect, the arkansas law bans most abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy. arkansas' democratic governor vetoed the law this week saying it contradicts the united states constitution but the arkansas republican house of representatives overrode the veto following the lead by the republican senate. the aclu is promising to fight it. >> from capitol hill, a 13 hour filibuster led by kentucky senator rand paul is over. paul ended the filibuster just before 10:00 our time last night trying to delay the expected confirmation of john brennan to lead the c.i.a. he is opposed to the support of the unmanned drone policy during his filibuster, the kentucky senator received some support from republican colleagues. and 2 that hours is a last talking in the morning. >> and we get to divide up the talking. >> and now, the showers today. >> it is important. people want to know if they are going to get wet and how the commute. be, and you can see a wall of water coming at us from the west. so, most of us this morning are going to get through our commute dry. a
-sex marriage calling on the supreme court to overturn the law he signed in 1996 that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriage. he now is saying that the defense of marriage act is incompatible with the constitution. he writes in a william -- "washington post" op-ed he signed the law because other legislation would have been worse. >> another bush family member is showing interest in the white house, and jeb one is saying he could be interested in a presidential run in 2016. the younger brother former president george bush and son of former president george h.w. bush. he has been promoting a book on immigration reform and urging republicans to expand their vote are base. >> a new report shows that 20,000 illegal immigrants headed to college are applying for financial aid under the dream act for the first time. the new law allows students to get help regardless of their immigration status. our media partner, the "san jose mercury news" reporters they expect to award $19.5 million in grants to the dream act students. here in the bay area, for example, san jose state has already given campus
. the law would only apply to new gunshots, and comes after many neighbors voiced concern over the opening of the gun shop. one questions why local authorities granted permission for the store to operate before it obtained the federal firearms sales permit. plan needs votes from four five council members in order to pass. >> ahead, the new program making sure that patients don't receive unnecessary medical tests at the doctor's office. >> and now, the dow is down 39 points and still over 14,000 mark. trading is underway and we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. but, first, five shootings in four days. a deadly weekend across the bay area has police staying very >> walnut creek, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> let's check with josh elliott at 6:45 for a look at "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> good morning to the bay area. the stunning story of an 87-year-old woman collapsing at a retirement home and a nurse then refused to give her cpr despite pleas from the 9-1-1 operator. we will explain why the nursemaid the decision she did. that is next on "go
. the operation cease-fire raid expand the entire bay area. with the help. at least 14 other law enforcement agencies they served 24 high risk search warrants 20 in oakland, two antioch one in pacifica and one in brentwood. this is video of the raise provided by the police departments showing a remote control robot to scout some of the targeted locations. the raise resulted in arrests of tomb of the most notorious gaining. police are looking for half a dozen more suspects. >> there were key peopleathpuĆ· in the raid. >>> now this morning people are looking into crime stats. 2800 property crimes were reported in 2012 a crease over 2011 and highest figure since 19 the 5. it generally reflects a statewide trend. san jose ranks fifth among america's safest large cities. >>> a famous berkeley restaurant owner is hoping to be back in business in the next week or so after spendth night making repairs to the iconic he connecticut. the main upstairs diningupathyoeƑ the panisse. >> what better place to go for your birthday.
he did to feed his addiction. abc7 news reporter has the story. >> mr. shirakawa violated the law and the faith that the residents of santa clara county had placed in him. >> santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen announced criminal charges against county supervisor george shirakawa jr. >> four felony counts of perjury, one felony count of misappropriating public money, and seven misdemeanors for failing to file accurate campaign reports. >> investigators say shirakawa used taxpayer and campaign donation money as his own and some of it went to support his gambling addiction which shirakawa admitted to when he resigned in response to the charges. he said he also suffers from depression and he apologizes for his actions. >> this is an extraordinary situation and it called for extraordinary measures and right now the extraordinary measures is that he's resigning. >> the san jose residents we spoke to say it was the right move. >> i think it is the right thing. there's a lot of controversy missappropriation of funds and campaign funds. it was like the icing on the cake. overa
in a single transaction and a crime to sell ammunition designates only to law enforcement or military agencies. oakland i counsel are considering a form of gun control at their meeting tonight. they will discuss banning investments in gun or ammunition manufacturers. the city does not currently have any gun investments but the measure urges oakland police and fire retirement funds to sell off any gun investments they mit have. the ban was approved unanimously by a smaller council committee and now need as vote of the full counsel to pass. right now, breaking news, here is a live picture of the big board where the cow has hit 14,210 and that has surpassed the record level set in 2007 before the great recession. that record close was 14,164, in october 9 of 2007. again, this is the first time since the recession that the dow has climbed back to that level. we doesn't know where it will close but it is rallying at 84 points and we will have jane king, live, from momberg live at the new york stock exchange with a lot more on this develop in the in a few minutes. >> now, three sinkholes in one san
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6